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  • Body Composition Analyzer BCA-1B

    Contact NowBody Composition Analyzer BCA-1BBody Composition Analyzer BCA-1B With intracellular and extracellular fluid analysis and segmental water measurement, BCA-1B is the powerful machine to monitor body composition change. Using 3 testing frequencies, it runs faster and as accurate as advanced types. With 8 electrodes, 6 circuits...Read More

  • Bia Body Composition Analyzer Equipment BCA-2A

    Contact NowBia Body Composition Analyzer Equipment BCA-2ABasic Info Guaranteed by MRI ——the golden standard Most applicable BIA system need to be calibrated by other methods, among those, MRI scanning is more accurate than DXA, CT and ultrosonic. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can scan whole body and regarded as “Golden Standard”. Our research team...Read More

  • Full Body Health Analyzer

    Contact NowFull Body Health AnalyzerBasic Info Application: For Sports and Fitness As we know, the key to weight loss is to reduce body fat.Therefore it is essential to have body fat measured.Actually, it is both important to analyze body composition whether for weight loss or for fitness.In addition to total body fat and BMI, we...Read More

  • Multifunctional Body Health Analyzer (BCA-2A)

    Contact NowMultifunctional Body Health Analyzer (BCA-2A)Basic Info Product Description Human body consists of water, protein, fat, and minerals and these elements exist in a certain ratio. Because this ratio is balanced in healthy people, if we can find out the unbalanced state of these elements, it is possible to use it as an indicator of many...Read More

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