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Visual Reaction Time Tester System Function Introduction

Vision is the human and animal perception of the size of external objects, light and shade, color, the main way of movement, the survival of the body is of great significance. Studies have shown that at least 70% of the information obtained from the human brain comes from vision. Eyes are able to see the object is due to light on the object, and then by the object to reflect the light to the human retina. The photoreduction system on the retina transforms the stimulus of light into nerve information, passing the information to the brain through the nerve, thus forming a visual

The Visual Reaction Time Tester System is designed using the VHDL hardware description language in conjunction with the top-level schematic and is completed on the Up3-1C6 evaluation board. You can test the human visual response to different brightness light delay time and sensitivity to brightness.

It has been put into the clinical use of the visual reaction test system, such as Beijing Zhongyi Jin Ye Technology Co., Ltd. produced BD-II-511-type visual reaction tester, can only reach 10ms display accuracy, and the delay need to manually set. In this paper, the visual reaction time test system designed using multi-level frequency division technology to remove the timing of the interference factors, making the visual Reaction Time Tester accuracy of 0.01ms. In order to reduce the interference of psychological factors, especially to add random delay circuit, making the test more accurate. The use of PWM to adjust the brightness of LED light-emitting diodes, making the brightness can be divided into 10,000 levels, according to the human body is more sensitive to the characteristics of brightness, the measured range set to the previous hundred (0-99). With the function selection key to control the function of the switch, when running one of the functions, the other function module to stop working, so you can reduce the system work to use the resources and improve operational efficiency.

To LED display as a visual stimulus signal to measure the reaction time of the subjects: After pressing the button to 0.01s as the smallest unit, in a 1s-5s between a random delay, the light LED. Subjects in the LED lit, the release button, from the LED to the key release time is the reaction time, the measured Reaction Time Tester in the smallest unit of 0.01ms displayed on the LCD. LED lights brightness adjustable, you can complete the different brightness level under the visual delay.

The LED is displayed as a visual stimulus signal to measure the sensitivity of the subject to brightness: after pressing the key to 0.01s as the smallest unit, a random delay occurs between 1s-5s, and the LED is gradually lit. To LED total brightness of one ten thousandth of a unit, every second into the level, showing the previous one hundred. Subjects see the lights after the release of the button, the LCD shows the subjects can see the minimum measurement level.

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