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The Principle Of Hand Dynamometer Is Hu Ke's Law

At present, there are two kinds of electronic Hand Dynamometer gauges and spring Hand Dynamometer

The former use of electronic processing, the latter principle of the use of Hooke's law.

Feet naturally separated, upright, arms naturally drooping, one hand holding power meter full Hand Dynamometer, Hand Dynamometer force meter shows the number of Hand Dynamometer strength value. Hold twice, take the maximum. Test Hand Dynamometer is generally used in their own hand that is not commonly used.

The reason why the test Hand Dynamometer rather than the arm or other parts of the force, because the Hand Dynamometer strength relative to the arm, wrist and other forces more holistic, it involves a more comprehensive muscle group, test it, in fact, test, including arm strength, wrist and even back Muscular coordination of physical fitness, more objective and more scientific.

The principle is Hu Ke's law: within the elastic limit, the spring deformation is proportional to the force, for the F = KX

1. Hand Dynamometer With a diameter of 0.5 mm steel wire fire in the fire evenly until the red, and then come up with a slow cooling. After cooling it will be wound around a turn around 15 mm in diameter round iron holding, the length of 40 mm. And then set fire to the fire. And then put out into the cold water or oil quenching into a spring.

2. Hand Dynamometer Take a piece of 310 × 80 × 5 mm wood for the floor, the top of a piece of 80 × 15 × 5 mm small board. In the center of a small wooden plate to install a sheep eye ring for the ring. One end of the spring welded to the ring, the other end of a diameter of 2.5 mm, 150 mm long wire. The bottom of the wire has a hook, the top and the spring welding and then install a thin iron as a pointer. The pointer should be perpendicular to the wire and the position on the wire can be adjusted. In the bottom plate mounted a semi-circular small wire frame, boxed hook, so as not to curl around the hook. 3. Place a white paper on the bottom plate to scale the scale. Hook on the weight of the pointer when the position is set to zero scale, and then followed by hanging on the hook 1.0 cattle, 2.0 cattle, 3.0 cattle, 4.0 cattle, 5.0 cattle and other hook Code, each hanging on a hook code, pointing to the pointer on the scale, then the distance between the scale to do the appropriate aliquot.

Hand Dynamometer In the elastic limit, the spring elongation is proportional to the tension, for the F = KX

F is the size of the elastic force is pulling, k is the spring stiffness factor, the unit is Newton per meter, the unit symbol is N / m, x is the spring elongated or shortened length

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