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The Electronic Pneumatometer Uses Advanced Technology

The electronic Pneumatometer is the latest generation of body measurement equipment developed by our factory. The instrument has the advantages of small size, beautiful, light weight and portable. The imported differential pressure sensor is used. Advanced microcomputer technology, the measured data is stable, reliable, clear display. Mainly used for the measurement of human function, for sports, medical and health, labor, schools, research and other departments and to carry out national fitness activities.

Lung capacity test instrument use / electronic Pneumatometer

1, Pneumatometer then the power: the 9VDC dedicated voltage regulator into the 220V power supply, one end of the wire into the data processing device on the terminal block.

2, Pneumatometer after the start, the lung flux meter power, LCD flashing several times after the show 0, start the first test, the test finished to 3 seconds automatically display 2, several times after the show 0, start the second test, followed by testing 3 times The value is your measured Pneumatometer.

3, Pneumatometer the next one was tested when the first press the red button LCD flashing the same test.

Note: Each time the test must be displayed as 0.

4, Pneumatometer test the lung capacity of the first mouthpiece installed in the pressure measurement tube inlet, hand holding the pressure tube handle and keep the pressure pipe in the pressure above the tube position. Head slightly back, try to deep breathing until you can not inhale, the mouth at the mouth of the mouth to do a try to breath. Until you can not breathe. At this point in the LCD screen can display the Pneumatometer value, the value of ML units.

5, Pneumatometer press the key to shut down, as long as the LCD display is 0, you can shut down.

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