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Sit And Reach Tester Is A Common Flexibility Test

Flexibility test --- seat flexion

The Sit And Reach Tester is a common flexibility test that is aimed at the flexibility of the lower back and the hamstring. This test is important because the tension in these areas is related to lumbar anterior curvature, pelvic tilt, and lower back pain.

The earliest introduction of this test is Wells and Dillon (1952), has now become a common flexibility test, is widely used.

There are some different versions of this test. One of the big differences is whether the toes are zero scale.

The most logical test method is to the toes where the zero scale. If the tester's hand does not reach the toe, then remember a negative, if the hand over the toes, then remember a positive number.

Use the box to carry out the body flexion test

The limitations of the traditional Sit And Reach Tester are that the length of the arm and the short legs are higher, and the short legs and the legs are detrimental. Use the box to solve this problem

If you do not have a Sit And Reach Tester box, you can also find a different box, put a long ruler in the above, as an alternative. You can also use the home Sit And Reach Tester program, it requires very little equipment. You can also use the V-type sitting flexibility test, which is roughly the same as the Sit And Reach Tester, but it is not a box to measure, but draw a line on the ground.

Test Methods

The basic Sit And Reach Tester method is as follows:

· Device: Sit And Reach Tester box (or use other boxes, put a long ruler in the above, as a substitute.

· Procedure: take off the shoes, sitting on the floor, legs straight forward stretch. Feet feet completely attached to the box. Knee lock, stick to the floor. If necessary, the tester can press the knees to help them stick to the floor. Palm down, hands folded together or edge contact, along the top of the plane as far as possible to reach out. Hands must be extended to the same distance, not a far, one near. First practice several times, and then formal test, his hands stretched forward, this position to maintain a second or two, write down the distance. Make sure you do not have a tug of action.

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