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Prevention And Control Of Chronic Diseases Will Become The National Hygiene City Hard Targets

Future city in when applying for national sanitary city, chronic disease prevention and control will be hard targets. In the recently held "the first National Conference of a healthy lifestyle", the Ministry of health disease control and prevention, said Kong Lingzhi, Deputy Director, health urban indicators are revised from the beginning in 2014. Construction of demonstration zone of comprehensive prevention and control of chronic diseases will be included in the healthy cities activities created, each city in the future to create at least one demonstration zone of comprehensive prevention and control of chronic.

Data from Ministry of health disease prevention and control departments shows that patients with confirmed chronic diseases in our country has more than 260 million people, constituted of death from chronic disease deaths per cent of China's total population had risen to 85%. Overweight, obesity, dietary intake, salt, sport situations has been incorporated into population monitoring indexes of chronic diseases. Chinese Center for disease control and prevention will be released regularly to citizens a healthy lifestyle and promote a healthy lifestyle promotion. By July 2012, the national healthy lifestyle action has covered all provinces of the country and 55% counties (districts), high blood pressure, diabetes, national health days such as healthy lifestyle day of action to carry out a variety of advocacy activities, covering more than 100 million.

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