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Physical Exercise Can Improve The Functioning Of The Nervous System

The nervous system is the body's "headquarters". The nervous system, especially the function of the brain, relates to the function of the organ systems of the human body, human physical strength plays a decisive role.
Through physical exercise, exercise causes the brain and nervous system, improve strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and nerve cells work; to make nerve cells get more energy and oxygen supply, so that the brain and nervous system in the process of intense work full material guarantee of energy. According to studies, when brain cells are at work, the volume of blood than it needs 10-20 times the number of muscle cells, brain oxygen consumption of total body oxygen consumption 20%-25%. Physical exercise can help the brain's excitatory and inhibitory process, and avoid excessive tension of the nervous system, eliminates fatigue, sober, thought.
With the improvement of nervous system function, living organisms all organ systems, especially systems of control and regulation can also be continuously improved and perfected.

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