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Measurement Method And Precautions Of Body Composition Analyzer

Body composition analyzer manufacturers measurement method

Body Composition Analyzer: Through the body composition analyzer professional software system, you can find the body to improve the trajectory of the body to develop a new diet and exercise program. And this new health management system will automatically provide guests with advice and knowledge on the basis of the user's physical analysis data. The system provides the interface with the computer connection, the user can also cooperate with the professional diet, health care system to provide guests with thoughtful service.

In recent years, the rapid development of human body composition of the determination of the method can provide important clinical nutrition information. The multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis method is simple, safe and reliable, no damage to the patient, no pain, in clinical practice has been widely used. Shandong Guokang body composition analyzer is a newer multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis instrument. In this paper, for example, 179 patients were analyzed for human body composition, assess the nutritional status of patients to guide the clinical nutrition and diet, and achieved good results. The measurement method is described below.

On the treatment of patients can stand, with Shandong Guokang body composition analyzer for human body composition analysis, to understand the nutritional status of patients, effectively guide the clinical nutrition and diet. There are eight contact electrodes on the instrument, two are left and right hand, two left and right foot. The patient's barefoot standing on the detector, hands holding the hand electrode, thumb, the other four fingers were in close contact with the electrode; feet with the forefoot were riding on the foot electrode; upper limbs drooping, leaving the trunk, enter the number , Name, age, height, sex after the start of measurement, measurement time takes about 1 to 2 minutes. Automatically print the report form or save it to the computer. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, the following should be noted:

(1) the patient should be fasting or eating 2 to 3 hours after the measurement, measuring the front toilet, try to wear light and less clothes to minimize the error. Because food, urine, etc. can not become a current path, the analyzer may treat it as fat, and affect the results of the analysis.

(2) 5 minutes before standing to reduce the impact of sudden standing blood flow to the lower limbs.

(3) can not be measured with heavy items and accessories, such as mobile phones, keys, bracelets and so on.

(4) hand and foot contact with the electrode parts to be close and accurate.

(5) keep the process quiet and minimize speech.

(6) small hands and feet of children and hand, foot and hand disabled, because they can not contact with the eight electrodes, should not be measured.

(7) patients weighing less than 20Kg or above 100Kg should not be measured. Because the weight is too light when the results are not accurate enough, overweight when the instrument load, it may damage the machine.

(8) patients with pacemakers should not be measured. Because the current will make the pacemaker function disorder.

With the continuous development of clinical nutrition, how to accurately and comprehensively evaluate the nutritional status of patients, better implementation of clinical nutrition support treatment, to promote the rapid recovery of patients, more and more attention by the majority of medical workers. The development of human body composition analyzer is bound to become more and more widely.

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