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Human Body Composition Analyzer Can Effectively Prevent A Variety Of Chronic Diseases

Scientific exercise to prevent chronic diseases

  Guokang biological production of China's first fully independent intellectual property rights of the multi-frequency body composition analyzer can clearly understand the body of the composition of the breakeven state, assess the health status, but also can effectively predict whether the human suffering from chronic diseases.

  Chronic diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic bronchitis, emphysema, etc.), mental disorders and psychosis are the most common chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, etc.), diabetes mellitus, malignancy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Representative of a group of diseases, chronic disease is characterized by long duration, the cause of complex, serious damage to human health and harm the community.

  The main factors of chronic disease formation are genetic, environmental, spiritual three aspects. Environmental factors include age, overweight and obesity, long-term excessive diet, lack of exercise, nutritional imbalance, smoking and drinking, viral infection, autoimmune, chemical toxic contact. Genetic we can not change, only from the environment and spirit to prevent these chronic diseases.

  1, daily life, we have to balance a reasonable diet, meat and vegetables, the thickness of a reasonable match, not overeating, can not eat enough, seven full of the best, strictly control their weight in the standard range, to avoid weight Too heavy or obese;

  2, to develop a scientific and reasonable exercise plan, every day to adhere to aerobic exercise, promote blood circulation, enhance the resistance; exercise can also make people have the spirit, peace of their own mentality;

  3, is strictly prohibited smoking, drinking, smoking, drinking on the heart, liver, lung and so bad, long-term smoking, drinking will reduce the life of the body organs;

  4, drink plenty of water can promote blood circulation, detoxification of the human body or

  5, from all aspects to enhance their immune system, we are now living environment is not good, car exhaust more, go out should wear dust masks;

  6, away from the chemical toxic environment;

  7, to maintain a good attitude, no matter what things have to go to a good place to think, there is always rain when the sunny.

  In addition to pay attention to the above points, Guokang body composition analyzer strongly urged everyone to test their body into their own regular health examination items, through the Guokang body composition analyzer test results, you can visually see the human body Fat, bone, protein, water, skeletal muscle content of various components, as well as body mass index and body fat percentage and other data, in order to more effective and more targeted to manage their own health.

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