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Height And Weight Scale Product Parameters

I am the Secretary for the supply of computer body Height & Weight Scale can be swept to use, this section Height & Weight Scale high precision sensor, ultrasonic matrix height probe, high-definition LED digital display, synchronous voice broadcast, the height of the scale has a beautiful shape, High configuration, stable performance, can be selected by many types of ports, suitable for hospital medical centers and other public places to use;

Height & Weight Scale Introduction:

Imported ultrasonic measuring device (metal perforated shell protection) combined with high-precision weighing components, the use of central microcomputer chipset import control, to achieve automatic height and weight of the process of operation, no automatic medical services, SG special configuration of the enhanced coin-operated device , Can be manually controlled by the measurement of the opening and closing.

Fast response time, 2 seconds can be instantaneous weight to obtain weight data, through the chipset adjustment can be achieved LED high-definition data display, voice UI broadcast results, data transfer computer storage records and so on.

Height & Weight Scale to a unique automated measurement, simple and convenient mode of operation, fast and accurate results to obtain a variety of data processing methods to win the favor of the majority of medical services, has now become the hospital medical center throughout the country, CDC, Large fitness club of the first choice for medical products.

Height & Weight Scale Product parameters:

1, ergonomic appearance design

2, ultrasonic technology to measure height (no touch type)

3, with a precision sensor to measure body weight

4, with a physical index

5, large-screen digital LED display

6, high-speed thermal printing, automatic cutting function

7, infrared wireless remote control

8, automatic voice broadcast

9, with countdown function display (5 seconds measurement)

10, the hourly measurement of not less than 400 people, with ultrasonic temperature compensation device 11, measurement: natural posture

12, measuring range: weight 5KG-160KG, height 80cm-198cm

13, power: AC160V-250V, 50Hz

14, with thermal printer, computer interface

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