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Body Composition Analyzer Help Children Grow Up

Children are growing at all times, not only taller and taller, the body of various ingredients are constantly changing. Poor eating habits and lack of proper exercise will affect the healthy growth of children.

Body Composition Analyzer Obesity affects children's physical and mental health, prone to high blood lipids, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and digestive diseases, depression and so on. Traditional BMI diagnosis of obesity prone to missed diagnosis, especially stealth obesity.

Human Body Composition Analyzer can test the moisture, protein, inorganic salts, fat content, and can clear the distribution of body composition, especially the distribution of adipose tissue and muscle tissue distribution in order to timely detection of stealth obesity, found that premature fat cells , Control children obese.

The Body Composition Analyzer can monitor the amount of muscle in order to optimize the muscles to promote bone strength, monitor muscle development is balanced, prevention of scoliosis. Help to assess the nutritional status of children and growth and development status, timely detection of children's growth and development. Early detection of the above problems, timely correction of nutrition deviation, giving children a reasonable diet and health of sports guidance, so that children grow up healthily!

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