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Body Composition Analyzer: A Thorough Understanding Of Yourself

Known as an epoch-making health management device, it is considered a good health consultant and has been the focus of much of the industry since its birth. It is the body composition analyzer.

Body composition analyzers can be used for the following purposes:

1, diagnosis of obesity, nutritional status assessment.

2, edema, body moisture changes after dialysis, hormonal changes in body composition.

3, the body fat ratio and the determination of fat distribution, can be used for health screening and geriatric screening.

4, for the weight control, fat reduction, muscle training, nutritional balance and diagnosis of disease and other scientific and effective basis.

5, monitoring of cancer and other wasting diseases (such as: HIV) in patients with total body cells.

At present, the human body composition analyzer has successfully entered the gym, physical examination, endocrinology, nutrition, beauty salons, research institutions, nursing homes, community health institutions and other places. In order to meet the needs of different occasions, Beijing Donghua original medical equipment limited liability company has launched five models of human body composition analyzer, so that the body composition analyzer can play a role.

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