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Automatic Height & Weight Scale, Medical Examination Scales All Classification

Height & Weight Scale Description: breaking the traditional style of measuring rod height. Cleverly measure the height of the ultrasound with the weight of soft together. Height & Weight Scale in measuring height at the same time, said the weight, and voice broadcast (can turn off). Special body sculpting function: you can set a desired weight, after you weigh, will be with your expected value of the automatic comparison, and broadcast the gap. If you also measure the height, then the body reading will automatically compare with the standard weight and tell whether it is within the normal range.

The latest ultrasonic body scale, the hospital with a medical scale Daquan:

1, automatic photoelectric type Height & Weight Scale DHM-6 type. The use of photoelectric pole measuring height, in the traditional pressure bar on the basis of measurement, increased Height & Weight Scale index (ie BMI index) display, shape display to determine the results of the voice broadcast (optional open or closed). Suitable for a variety of physical examination occasions, mechanical automatic Height & Weight Scale body weight measurement is stable and fast.

2, automatic ultrasonic body scale DHM-200 type. The use of ultrasonic wave height measurement made of ultrasonic body mass scale is a new electronic measurement of medical equipment, unobstructed ultrasonic measurement is by far the most accurate one of the measurement. Optional connection to the computer interface to facilitate a variety of physical examination for data storage and processing.

3, with print function Ultrasonic human scale DHM-16 type. Built-in mini-printer can automatically print after the end of a physical examination results of the small receipt, thermal paper printing, convenient and quick, no need to replace the ribbon and bring more inconvenience. Print section automatic Height & Weight Scale is a more popular ultrasonic examination machine, suitable for a variety of unmanned physical examination sites, but also optional coin, the first coin after the measurement.

4, comes with blood pressure measurement function of the human body scale DHM-15A. With the continuous improvement of living standards, for the physical examination project requirements are getting higher and higher, blood pressure, as an important indicator of human health indicators, but also by people more attention, many medical and physical examination occasions need to measure blood pressure, so , Yao Yi special launch DHM-15A-type machine comes with blood pressure measurement function, people can measure the blood pressure measurement together, and after the end of the results printed display for storage purposes.

5, a variety of custom features of the ultrasonic human body scale. Watson to provide user-friendly DIY system, customers can according to their own preferences or by the company's professional sales staff to guide the selection of customized special features.

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