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Automatic Electronic Height And Height & Weight Scale Management System

Automatic body Height & Weight Scale, weight, BMI physique index, body size (slim, normal, partial fat, obese) voice broadcast, digital display, print small ticket, upload computer management system.

First, the first Height & Weight Scale to find a convenient place to test the test, flat steady.

Second, then the machine power.

Third, began to measure Height & Weight Scale.

The tester is ready, and then stand in the middle of the machine chassis, do not move do not speak, wait for a few seconds quietly, the machine will measure the weight of the body weight, and calculate the BMI body mass index,

Automatic electronic Height & Weight Scale introduced

1, height measurement range: 60-200cm scale value of 0.5cm

2, weight measurement range: 8-200kg scale value 0.1kg

3, blood pressure measurement range: 0-299mmHg (0-39.9kpa)

4, heart rate measurement range: 40-180times / min

5, body: slim, normal, partial fat, obesity instructions

5, the final measurement data will voice broadcast, digital display, print a small ticket, etc., also completed the entire measurement process.

Height & Weight Scale Measurements are easy.

1, AC (lighting): 110V-240V, 50HZ DC (battery): 12V ± 10%

2, standby power: ≤ 8W measurement power: ≤ 12W average power consumption: ≤ 10W

3, the ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃ Humidity: <85%

4, weight: gross weight: 20-42kg

5, Dimensions: MAX: 55 (L) × 33 (W) × 235 (H) cm

Automatic electronic Height & Weight Scale introduced precautions

When the power is not urgent, the voltage should be stable

When measuring, stand straight and do not talk

The measurement process is very fast, do not hurry

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