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Application Of Human Body Composition Analyzer

1. Hospital

In the major general hospital of endocrinology (mainly diabetes treatment), cardiovascular and cerebrovascular surgery, weight loss clinic, clinical nutrition (Shanghai, Beijing and other regions of the three Class A hospitals are set up this section), they need to use human Body Composition Analyzer The patient is regularly evaluated for body composition measurements. Evaluate and monitor body composition for patients with nutritional disorders. The aim is to observe the changes of the components before and after the operation, before and after chemotherapy, before and after treatment and nutritional measures before and after the implementation of the body composition (such as: the patient's total human cell) changes.

2. Beauty salon

In the beauty salon on the liposuction and weight loss of the customer body composition measurement, evaluation of human body composition.

3. Fitness place

For long-term fitness, in each stage before and after fitness need to measure the body composition in order to monitor the size of the amount of exercise at any time to be scientifically adjusted to accurately provide the subjects of the body's performance index, and has a variety of comprehensive assessment function, The coach is here to develop a scientific fitness program for them.

4. Institutions of higher learning

For some students concerned about the health of students at all levels of school, regular physical health assessment of students, the need for human body composition analyzer. The research department of the school (physiology laboratory, etc.) carries out research on physical health and needs to be equipped with human body composition analyzer. Health monitoring of school staff also requires assessment of human components.

5. Sports team

For a certain size of the sports team (Beijing National Weightlifting Center, etc.), the need for weight monitoring team members, we must know exactly what the athletes body composition and changes in the situation. Especially for athletes who control weight items (such as weightlifting, boxing, wrestling and gymnastics, etc.), the right to determine the weight increase is to increase fat or muscle, fat need to lose weight, increase muscle is to increase strength in order to improve athletic performance. In addition, the training and monitoring of athletes and the potential development of the role of various types of drugs to monitor, etc., need a body composition analyzer.

6. Nursing homes

Researchers to the special combat groups (such as pilots) for physical health evaluation, in order to better guide the training and enhance combat effectiveness, body composition measurement will become an important content. In addition, the daily health check and geriatric (such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood lipids, etc.) diagnosis also requires body composition analyzer.

7. Other

Such as kindergarten, elderly activity center and many other places have at any time to facilitate the measurement of body composition of the equipment needs.

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