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Why Does Body Composition Matter for Weight Loss?

A body with more muscle and less fat is a more efficient calorie-burning machine. But you don't have to be a body

builder to reap the benefits.

A lean, strong body is a more efficient exerciser. As you become more fit, you are more capable of completing high

intensity workouts that burn more calories and create greater improvements in the look and feel of your body.
Muscles burn more calories than fat. A lean, strong version of your body will burn more calories and have a better

metabolism than the version of your body with more fat.
Studies have shown that particularly in peri-and post menopausal women those who maintain a very physically active

lifestyle tend to gain less weight than those who don’t.
For aging women in particular, gaining more muscle and maintaining a good body composition is a great way to keep a

lean physique and fit shape.

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