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Understanding your BCA? Print-out 2

Impedance—Measured in Ohms (?) the Impedance value reflects the strength and speed of an electrical signal traveling through the body. Muscle is the signal’s highway, and fat mass is like a traffic jam.

More muscle means it’s easier for the signal to pass through your body, resulting in a lowe impedance value and % of body fat. Consistent conditions and stable hydration status are not only healthy, but will also yield consistent results.

Fat Mass—The body needs fat, but it is important to keep your fat within the recommended range. Compare your personal result to your “Desirable Range” and focus specifically on fat mass when dieting or exercising.

FFM—Fat Free Mass is everything in the body that is not fat; muscle, water, bone, connective tissue, etc. Muscle acts as the body’s natural “fat-burning engine,” therefore it is important to maintain or even gain healthy muscle mass when dieting or exercising.

TBW—Reflects Total Body Water. It is important to ensure your body is not dehydrated, especially when exercising or dieting. Enter your TBW below, and compare your hydration level to recommended ranges.*

_______/_______ X 100 = ______________________

TBW Weight Estimated Hydration Level %

Note: Individuals who are severely dehydrated may receive an inaccurate measurement.

Female: 45 – 60 %

Male: 50 – 65 %

* Based on BCA’s current research.

Desirable Ranges

Everybody needs fat. These healthy ranges display how much you should have in terms of % and weight. Research shows that individuals with appropriate amounts of fat are less likely to develop obesity-related health conditions.

Target Body Fat %

Set a realistic goal for body fat %. BCA then calculates the approximate amount of fat mass, not just overall weight, but specifically fat mass that needs to be lost in order to achieve the pre selected target. Always try to maintain FFM when dieting. 

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