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Understand Your BMI

Understand your BMI (Body Mass Index) and Body Fat Percentage to set proper goals and determine what's healthy for you.
Body Mass Index (BMI)
The term Body Mass Index (BMI) is not just used in doctor's offices or health and wellness facilities, but it is also widely used in the insurance industry. To understand this popular measurement, you need to know how it is calculated. Body Mass Index is basically a height to weight ratio.

Formula: BMI (lbs/inches2) = (weight in pounds x 703) / (height in inches) ?

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The benefit for using this formula is that you can calculate a large demographic of individuals in a short amount of time and get a good estimate of their overall health risk. The downfall of using this measurement is that it does not take into consideration those individuals who have a low percentage of body fat, a high percentage of lean body mass, or fitness level.
A great example would be a professional football player who is 6 feet tall, weighs 250lbs and is 8.5 percent body fat. According to the BMI calculation, this person would have a BMI of 34 and be considered "obese", when clearly that is not the case.

As a word of caution for the individuals who are very active and play competitive sports (at all levels), the BMI may not be a great choice when measuring your overall health.  However, calculating your body fat percentage instead may provide some feedback.

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