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Study on the significance of body composition

Body composition measure and has been widely used in sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine, clinical medicine, sports science, medical examinations, national physique monitoring, fitness and sports medicine and other fields. Body composition (Body Composition) Is refers to composition human the Organization organ of total components, its total weight is weight, it including fat components and non-fat components two big class, former weight called body fat heavy, body fat weight accounted for weight of percentage is body fat rate, which including visceral, and bones, and muscle, and water, and mineral salt, various components of weight, and called thin weight or to fat weight. Body composition is a reflection of human growth and development indicators of internal structure features, internal structure of human body composition, functions also vary, but among the various components of a certain proportion, to maintain normal physiological function. Once the imbalance, undermined the normal physiological activities, it could affect the normal development of the human body and health. Body composition also reflect the body's physical condition, somatotype and body sizes, fat and body fat levels, of developing weight standards and physical evaluation is important. -Body fat measurement is of great significance for health, particularly in body water content, total body water, water in cells and cell water, they are evaluating human health and body fluid balance inside and outside cells are important. Therefore, the student body composition measurements and research related to the key to the healthy growth of the student body, composition, changes in body composition not only affects students ' physical strength, the abnormal amount of growth and distribution will have an adverse effect on students ' physical health and body composition tests are regarded as important indicators of health-related physical fitness evaluation, more and more people's attention.

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