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Method of measuring body composition Analyzer-introduction

Methods of measurement for body composition Analyzer, "underwater weighing method" (the gold standard for measuring body composition), "skinfold measurements", "bio-electrical impedance method", "infrared", "MRI/CT method" and other testing methods. "Bioelectrical impedance method" is as simple and accurate measurement methods has nearly 10 years of scientific research, sports and clinical applications in the fields of good promotion.

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), multi-point contact electrode multi-loop method to comprehensive body composition analysis. Test method: the subjects hands holding the hand electrodes, light thumb pressure on the electrode man stood barefoot on the base foot electrodes, rounded heels step on the base electrode, foot on the front oval-shaped electrodes; static 40-60 seconds complete survey of the Covenant.

Principle of bioelectrical impedance analysis, through direct contact with human skin, which adopts the contact electrode method for measuring circuit. Due to low fat tissue water content in the body, poor electrical conductivity, and water content of muscle and internal organs, conducting this characteristic, using bioelectrical impedance method (BIA) that feel very weak electric current through the human body to determine the resistance, to calculate body fat percentage and other physical components such as proteins, salts, such as the content, the physical index is obtained.

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