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function of walking

Walking is physical activity of human instincts, description of the evolution from ape to man, the human body structure is designed for walking. Problem is that with the popularization of automobiles, transport, people "good ease of" sufficient grounds and conditions of more and more, as well as basic walking capabilities some degradation. According to United States Centers for disease control and prevention, there are 75% Americans exercise less than 30 minutes a day, most people sitting in a Chair, was a "couch potato". Looking back at our reality, are not much better where.
Walking fitness and the brain. Since ancient times in China, "Bai practiced ancestor of" gym experience, including traditional medicine, foot is the root of human health. Walking stimulates foot points can relieve tongluo huoxue shunqi, physical fitness. Meanwhile, sports medicine research confirms: walking, bone, muscle, ligament, and nerve endings are to participate in the campaign, which promotes blood circulation, regulating activity of the cerebral cortex function, secretion of various hormones of the body to make people feel good. Walking disease and aging. The latest medical research shows that walking for more than 7 hours a week can reduce 20% breast cancer, heart disease and 50% the incidence of diabetes, elderly people walking more than 2.4 kilometers a day, reduced heart attacks by 50%.

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