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Body Composition Analyzer

body composition analyzer analyzes human body condition by examining body composition as Healther Technology. With body composition analysis, muscle fat, fatness analysis, health assessment, and other functions.

Technology and Principle
Body composition analyzer uses MF-BIA(multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis test), which measures bioelectrical impedance of multiple segments of body by eight-point contact electrode. Based on a brand-new DXA(Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) method derived data, we complete our health analysis by referring to the biological characteristics and accurate composition analysis of the human body, and compare to the results with standard reference value.
1.8-point-contact-electrode: with two electrodes in each segment to measure human body composition, HE330 can calculate bioelectrical impedance more precisely.

2. Regression analysis based on four frequency enlarges measure range and increases accuracy.

3. Touchscreen input; visualization interface, easy to learn, easy to read. Uses safe, simple operation.

4. HE330 can restore up to 270 complete historical record.

5. Non-experienced, non-referenced assessment measure: experience reference is needed.

6. HE330 gives comprehensive test indicators and easy-to-read reports, then with nutrition and exercise prescription hey can develop their favorite exercise plan and nutritional intake.

Technique parameter(Part)

Test Method: MF-BIA

Test Parts: right arm, left arm
right leg, left leg

Electrodes: 8-point contact electrode

Exporting Results: TBW(Total body water), ICW(intracellular water), ECW(extracellular water), protein, inorganic salt, body fat, skeletal muscle, body muscle, FFM(fat-free mass), weight, BMI, body fat/weight ratio, WHR(waist/hip ratio), nutrition evaluation (protein, inorganic salt, body fat), targeted weight, weight control, muscle control, health evaluation, impedance of each segment.

Power Supply: Input AC100-265V, 50-60Hz, 1A

Output: DC5V, 3A +12V/2A, -12V/0.2A

Display Screen: 320X240 English-Chinese colorful LCD touchscreen

Tester Weight Range: 10-200Kg

Tester Age range: 10-90

Tester Height range: 100-200cm.

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