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Body Fat Analyzer Linked Thermal Printer and Ink-Jet Printer (BCA-1C)

Basic Info

Model NO.BCA-1CPackage:Standard Exporting Package
Production Capacity:102sets/ Month

1, Body weight
2, BMI: Body Mass Index
3, BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate
4, Body bone (kg)
5, FAT%: Shows how many KCAL you need for one day
6, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass
7, Visceral Fat
8, Total Body Water
9, Desirable Body Fat% Ranges
10, Body muscle (kg)

1. Fast, easy to use and can be linked to data capture and trend analysis software Allowing less time-consuming paperwork and more consultation time.
2. Meet the strict MDD and NAWI European regulations relating to the weight Mechanisms.
3. BCA-1C calculates the amount of fat mass to be lost in order
4. Connect with the thermal printer + ink-jet printer.

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