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BIA body composition of trunk segments

Body composition is an important factor affecting the health of people. Body composition analysis can provide body composition in normal range, assessment of growth, maturation and ageing processes, contribute to nutrition and related disease research. Biological resistance anti-human components analysis (BIA) is near 20 years development up of a items human components measurement technology, it according to human fat Organization (FM) and non-fat Organization (FFM) different of resistance anti-characteristics, with Yu placed in human surface of electrode to was measuring human into a tiny of Exchange measurement current, from detection electrode Shang extraction human impedance information, for human fat content of determination. The method is safe, fast and cheap, is a people receptive to new methods. Aiming at the total body impedance measuring method and problems in segmental impedance measurement method, this study uses the trunk segmentation model, exploring method of BIA body composition measurement principle measurement system was improved and developed, and the results are compared with multi-slice spiral CT measurement of data, to forecast calibration and correction of the formula. This papers to existing of segment biological resistance anti-analysis human components analysis technology for based, used network analysis method on human of torso paragraph for impedance distribution of decomposition, preliminary established has torso subdivision more paragraph human components analysis model, makes its can distinguish torso paragraph of upper and lower impedance value, through external measurement mode of transform gets node data, to analysis get human torso of Shang abdominal and Xia abdominal impedance data, according to experience formula calculation out all part of components. Also aim at measuring body composition analysis, with testing emphasis on torso part based on this broken down body impedance model,Constructing principle of bioelectrical impedance analysis of body composition testing system. The measurement system using a fixed electrode model Dan Pinmo four-electrode method detection, with the PC host computer to complete detection and analysis of the data and calculations can be obtained on the upper limbs, lower limbs, abdomen, lower abdomen 6 sections and the overall impedance data. According to the torso segmentation model and test of impedance measurement results, statistical analysis of survey data, establishment of trunk segments segmental bioelectrical impedance calculation formula of body composition, with multi-slice spiral CT measurement of abdominal fat data for reference, on trunk segments segmental bioelectrical impedance calibration and correction the calculation formula. And trunk segments SBIA and BMI, subparagraph body impedance measuring and impedance measurement results of comparative studies.

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